Summer Goals

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Video of the Week:
The Satoshi Son Problem by STEVEM

Articles of the Week:
The Bad Guys Are Winning by Anne Applebaum

Poetry Spotlight:
1. Looking at the Past Upside Down to See it Smile by Roman Ryan
2. Provincial ice by Printed Thought
3. balcony by tetsume

The Women’s EURO 2022 is going on and I will fight anyone who says women’s football isn’t fun to watch. Yes, it’s slightly different to watching men play but there still are dizzying dribbles, and slick passes, and great goals and even better saves. Blakstad’s near-post finish against Northern Ireland last night was sweetly struck. Leon’s cross to Garcia for Spain’s third goal — I mean, it’s football! Also the absolute joy on the players’ faces during the national anthems as they let a smile slip through their attempts at being imposing opponents. It’s beautiful. You can see what being on such a stage means to them. If you’re missing out on sports in your life, definitely see if you can watch it on the telly. It’s everybody’s game. And everybody means everybody.

P.S. Can’t wait for Sports Interactive to introduce women’s teams to Football Manager.

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