A Feature Poet at NYC Voices with Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word | Brooklyn, NY | Oct’ 2019

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Arnav Sibal. I’m an author and poet who has lived in 4 countries. If you like my work, want to collaborate, or have me feature at an event, feel free to message me on Instagram or through the Contact page.

Hope you have a good one.


A Brief History:

The Poet in Pyjamas Years (2012 – 2015)

From 2012 to July 2015, I wrote under the pseudonym The Poet in Pyjamas. This blog was initially titled White T-Shirts and Mismatched Socks: The Notebook of The Poet in Pyjamas.

While I still go by the pseudonym sometimes, I decided to revert to writing under my own name.

Wildflower Sea and Social Impact (Debut Anthology – 2014)

In December, my debut anthology, Wildflower Sea was published by Picus Books, a subsidiary of Hay House India.

Wildflower Sea is a compilation of poems, short stories, and what I call ‘tapestries’ (vignettes). The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as Kobo Books.

The book raised ₹ 50,100. All the proceeds went to Akshara, a local social-impact initiative of UWC Mahindra College, started in 2005 with the generous donations from the college’s alumni, faculty and friends. The organization’s mission is to empower rural youth, and children (with an emphasis on the girl child) by providing them access to educational opportunities and personal support. In the near-decade of its existence, Akshara has provided rural youth in the communities surrounding the college with after-school educational support to help them achieve independence and find employment in vocational and professional fields. Today, Akshara serves more than 500 people in seven villages, including elementary students, pre-university/college-level students, and Adivasi and tribal adults. In addition to education support, Akshara has also branched out into the fields of social entrepreneurship, counselling and community engagement. Read more about Akshara here: http://akshara.uwcmahindracollege.org/

Owl in a Coffee Cup (2015 – )

The reshaping of my blog took a few months. Owl in a Coffee Cup took form on 27 July 2015, a day after the blog’s 3rd Birthday.

I do not know what is in store for my writing, and me, but I am excited. There is so much out there in the world to learn. And I cannot wait to harness it.

I’m working on taking a crack at a debut novel, and script writing.

Dirtskin (2019)

On the 4th of May, 2019, I released my debut spoken word concept collection, Dirtskin. It follows the titular character, Dirtskin and his interactions with Sandman, a mysterious figure he finds “in the midland, sometime before the dustmen came, slumped in a plastic chair on the corner of a crosswalk.”

The 9 poems about success, fear, family, and dislocation can be found on my website and on YouTube.

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