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Video of the Week:
AlphaGo – The Movie by DeepMind

Articles of the Week:
The Glorious, Almost-Disconnected Boredom of My Walk in Japan by Craig Mod

Poetry Spotlight:
1. Bee Balm by Amy Jasek
2. You Took the Last Bus Home by Brian Bilston
3. Salmon Sky by Xenia Tran

I recently finished watching Hibana: Spark, a Japanese limited series that follows two comics as they wrestle with friendship, their craft, and success. Some of the manzai performed is extremely funny. After all, the original book was written by a comedian. The characters have realistic trajectories and I suppose most of the beats were earned. It’s difficult to talk about the show without giving too much away. If you have the opportunity, do watch it. It’s left me thinking more about the last post in this series and what I’m currently working on (which you will see in due time). The reason I’m stubborn enough to believe we, as a species, are yet to produce the greatest works of literature is because the information we have is far more than our predecessors. It is easier for us to interact with other cultures, communities, belief systems, and languages. Please don’t think I’m disparaging authors of the present or from the past. I can’t get enough of nineteenth century novels or mythology. We have television and film, art, photography, writing, and an entire library that can fit in the space of a pocket. The resources are staggering. The inspiration is boundless. Ah, what treasures there are to be found!

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