Soul Rock

This poem was originally published on 21 July 2016.

Pent-up passion,
Played over the nervous system,
Each bone wrung to humour,
The liberated tension.
Heartstrings were tuned,
And the brain didn’t mind.
There was spirit in this liver,
So the tongue could unwind.

Lyrics tough to stomach,
Made out well with the cords.
The voice box aired,
All the lungs could afford.
Jazz hands rose,
Eardrums beat with patience,
There was spine in this body,
And lips kissed cadence.

It takes a good bit of sole.
It takes a well-timed heel.
It takes a tiny blister,
To leak what you feel.

Pulsing in vain,
It all slowed down.
A catch in breath,
As skin grew out.

A good bit of sole.
A well-timed heel.
One tiny blister,
To leak what you feel.

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