This poem was originally published on 19 July 2016.

My mama said to me,
Don’t you venture too far.
She said the world was,
Of late, rather too bizarre.
I said, mama, don’t you worry about me.
I’ve traversed the world,
Playing with toys in my nursery.

My papa sat me down,
And said don’t you fly too high.
The sky is turbulent,
With cold, preying eyes.
I said, papa, don’t you worry about me.
I’ve been weathering the storms,
In this cardboard box I cleaned.

My grandfather wrote a letter,
Saying, don’t you go chasing gold.
For it is but a fool,
That will mine you for your soul.
I said, grandpa, don’t you worry about me.
I’ve been mapping tunnels,
With torch and book under bed sheets.

My grandmother knit a tale,
And said, be as you as you as you.
For each lie is a knot,
That time makes tough to undo.
I said, grandma, don’t you worry about me.
I’ve been many a character,
But only in my dreams.

Then along came my dear;
She reached out and asked me,
“Tell me who you are,
And who you want to be.”

I said, well dear,
I’ve been really far,
I’ve fallen from the sky,
And had gold mined from my heart.
I’ve been many people,
None of whom is with you.
I am everything,
I did and did not do.

As for what lies ahead,
Darling, don’t you worry about me.
I am going to make mistakes,
But we’ll be better,
Just see.

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