The World in the Window

This poem was originally published on 10 April 2013. It appears in my debut anthology Wildflower Sea available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Books.

The sun shone high
In the corner of the sky
Cut off by the window frame
The meadows were green
I saw stallions lean
In the world of the window frame

It was a starry starry night
A painter's paradise
The one I think Van Gogh saw
It was an old window frame
Not special in any way
But the view it held had no flaw

A frosty world lay beyond
A white wonderland lay beyond
I saw clockwork snowflakes fall
Snowmen waved 'how do you do'
Children snowballed each other through and through
And grew into snow forts did walls

So if you stop and think awhile
You'll see there are paintings around
Just look through the nearest window
For beauty whispers to us without a sound

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