8. Idle Throne


I’ve been seeking out giants to learn from

So I can leap from their shoulders

And land as one



The men I’ve praised are so numb

I’ve learned their ways

I’m so dumb

They pluck their prey

Like a slow hum


When they come your way

You won’t hear it

They won’t even seem to appear it

But they go to bed as monsters

And rise on stage as gods

Turning mobs into mobsters

Cutting lives like cards

Every tear drop is drowned

By the roaring applause


They’ll play all the big hits

Or so you may think

What about the NDAs for the bruises

And the blood in the sink?


What about the reprise for the lives that were lost?

Nobody told me a pound of flesh is what great art costs


If that’s so, then for me



But I’ve sought women as muses

To find, oh lord, those who made me think

Those who made me see

Giant or god? I’d rather be me

A broken-armoured knight

With a feather in his heart

They don’t like what I say?

Cool, I’ll be the upstart

Just 21-years-old

But when I stopped

To smell the flowers in their tracks

My soul was rocked


Don’t follow he who hasn’t broken in his shoes

A knight in shining armour’s never fought a single duel

Don’t worship humans that were shit humans

The loudest preacher won’t always start the right revolution


Teach kids why dead eyes are bad luck
Teach giants to watch where they walk

And if the old gods refuse to learn new tricks

Then I think all the old gods should call in sick


They say I’m unholy

Well, if the cap fits

I’ll take the scars, the stitches

Earn stripes, take hits.


If I blaze a tail, call it a rajpath

But if I raise an idle throne


You have my permission

To kill this King Schmuck

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