1. Midas

Boy wonder. Wrong Midas.

Turns everything to dust

Can’t figure out why life is like this

Wishes his hide was tough

But has feathers instead

So he can’t stay down

Though he’d rather be dead


Dirt skin. Rich mind.

He’s got a mental meadow

Another one of a kind

Where the wild things rove

Where he pretends he’s a bear

Where everyone’s from far away

And nobody cares


Deep-rooted. Masakichi

Honey on his tongue

But none left over to treat him sweetly

Rising walls have no rungs

No matter how he paws

They won’t crumble to the ground

Like the kingdoms he has lost


Next in line. Died scribbler.

Pictures his own epitaph

Like a time fiddler

“Good riddance to the riff-raff”

Said rabble-rousing statesmen

Who put the poet there

With their locked and loaded statements


Reluctant soldier. Unholy preacher.

They broke him till he believed

He was Frankenstein’s creature

We could all be received

With warm cuddles and open hearts

If we had no borders

And we weren’t bogarts.


Lost boy. Grew up.

Even if he found home

The window will be shut

So it’s back to the foxhole

Fight and flight, it’s all in vain

He was never a believer

But he prays he’ll stay sane

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