Album Announcement

Dear Wildflowers,

I’m incredibly excited to share that my spoken word concept album, Dirtskin, will be released on May 4!

I’ve spent the better part of the past two weeks working with Ian Kent, a super talented director. You can check out some of his work here. We’ve made films for each poem, except for Terpsichore, which was recorded and uploaded a couple weeks ago. Follow @arnavsibal on Instagram to see screen grabs from all the recordings. You can find the track list below.

The album will be on YouTube and not Spotify and iTunes because I want to take baby steps. Sound editing and audio recording are two different beasts that I want to get right before I approach those platforms.

A big thank you to my friends Danny, Gayatri, and Josh for being insightful editors

Thank you to Ian Kent for being a patient and encouraging director and for helping me bring this album to life.

Hopefully the next album will have music, some more beautiful videos, and even better writing.

Till then, I present to you: Dirtskin.


  1. Midas
  2. Sandman
  3. Seat 5
  4. Papa
  5. Terpsichore
  6. Sandman II
  7. Hardy Boy
  8. Idle Throne
  9. Sandman III
  10. Epilogue

See you next week!



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