#Update 11

Dear Wildflowers,

I trust you’re all well and staying warm as winter begins to roll in. I do know I said I would write a poem daily but since I started at university in my pursuit of writing, I haven’t had enough time to write poetry. So for those of you who read Milk & Honey, you’ll be glad to know it’s the first in a trilogy of poems. The second one is scheduled to be posted on Sunday!

However, this update follows the one I posted in July. A quick recap: I set up a new blog on Medium (A incredible writing platform, by the way). The reason behind this was to make sure that Owl in a Coffee Cup would remain a creative blog that strives to inspire and provide people with a haven of writing, and above all: to make happy.

And today I posted my first piece on Medium!

The article, titled Perverted Politics: The World Order analyses the factors that affected the US Presidential Election.

I encourage healthy discussion and invite disagreement. All I request is that we do not let emotion overcome reason.

Take care,


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