All The Stupid Things

Breathe away your Sunday gown

And wipe off that after-frown

With your natural make-up

Find yourself without looking

And let my eyes do the searching

But don’t put your trust in me

Let go of this broken world

Even if gravity has you curled

Into a ball



Then we can go, wise as we are,

Do all the stupid things

That we can’t in this sophisticated


A place where all dreams have faded – time


Call off all the screaming words

That your breath hasn’t hurled

But rest at the tip of your tongue

Undress yourself of your disguise

And unknot yourself of all your ties

Even when you’re not tangled with me

Cloud yourself with clarity

That’s clearer than reality

Though let the mist set in




Oh! I’d make you fall in love

With me again

But I just cannot bring myself to

Oh! I’d try to make you

Hate me forever

But I just cannot manage to

So let me give up hope




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