Every body’s got words

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Video of the Week:
Give yourself permission to be creative
by Ethan Hawke

Articles of the Week:
[Jae Cheol Park’s] Sci-Fi Art Visualizes How the World’s Cities Might Look Like in the Future by Emma Taggart

Poetry Spotlight:
1. Untitled by David Boyer
2. take me there by Genie Nakano
3. trust the process by Ra

There is no guarantee that what you are creating will be successful. It may also be unproductive to strive for recognition alone. Desiring some sort of induction into a pantheon isn’t ridiculous. I’d like to believe harbouring such passion is essential to one’s own development. But there is no blueprint. This is why I find it difficult to take advice from established authors seriously. Writing one thousand words a day is not a surefire strategy to improving one’s writing skills. Yes, in order to claim to be a writer you have to write. Yes, the more you write, the better your claim. There is something to be said for having a balance of discipline and talent. However, every creative path is different. What really matters, I think, is recognising that there is still much that is left to learn. It’s all right to have a bit of an ego as long as you are equally loud about your shortcomings. I’d argue self-reflection is as important as reading and writing often. One day, we’ll find out.

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