Let’s be Real

This poem was originally published on 4 July 2017.

I made it halfway
Without a single drag
When my pants caught
On a rose bush
And they snagged
She said –
Can’t you do anything right?
You’ve got a melodic bark
But your words don’t bite

- And then there was
About the way I moved
She said –
Did you know I’m in love with you?
– I said
I’m flattered
And she was aghast
She told me –
You’ll never be happy
– I laughed

She said –
Let’s be real
You’ve got to stop
Minding words
Break down
Your masoned heart
Because your love
Is absurd

– She sighed
Then queried –
When will your
Not tailor
When will you
Adopt a patch
Of earth?
When will your
Not crawl
With those inked words?

– There she paused
Took a breath
And said
One final time –
Be real
I beg you be true

– I replied
How can I
When the truth’s a
Lie for you?

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