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This is the logo for Elevator Moments. The image shows an elevator sign with a man inside saying "Oh" out loud.

Video of the Week:
The Absurd 2nd Century Space Opera You’ll Never Read
by Austin McConnell

Articles of the Week:
The UX of Lego Interface Panels by George Cave

Poetry Spotlight:
1. Thursday’s by Gin and Tulips
2. { married to the rain } by Beleaguered Servant
3. Haiku 81 by Gavin Turner

I just spent this past week up in the hills, allowing myself an overdue break. As a result, this one will be short and sweet. There is no underlying theme tying the works linked above, but they all are quite cool. I’d go as far as to suggest they do slightly represent the breadth of human knowledge and bizarreness — one is impossible without the other.

This entry is no Voyager Golden Record but that’s not really the point here. Life is weird and nice. Honestly, right now I want to be where I was on Monday afternoon: submerged in a mountain river. Life has mountain rivers that are cold and clear, gushing and roaring. I understand the attraction of haikus.

Oh jeez! Go out, I tell you! Places and people are quite pretty! Damn, we are lucky.

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