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Video of the Week:
The Irish Language and Beauty
by Dónall Ó Héalaí

Article of the Week:
How Neil Gaiman protected Princess Mononoke from Disneyfication
by Steve Alpert

Poetry Spotlight:
1. Blossom by The Blighter’s Rock
2. My Perennial by Tea Parties on Neptune
3. Untitled by Elancharan Gunasekaran

At lunch, while browsing YouTube, I came across a recording of a conversation between Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins. Amidst their scientific, religious, and political discussion arose the subject of mythology. Dawkins posed a question regarding the personification of the elements and, in turn, the strengths and theistical nature of myths. Fry answered that most of these were etiological myths: “They’re myths to describe the causes of things.” Some he said were profound and others were just sweet stories. But it is what he said next that resonated with me the most. Fry pointed out that the nine Muses are the children of Zeus and Mnesonyme. In other words, “The arts are the daughters of memory.”

Isn’t that wonderful? One of my close friends studied the Bible as literature in college and — to emulate Proust — we should make our destination a new way of seeing. Preservation is important and so may be tradition (to an extent), but when the bed is made the day is over; and there is no point in trying to live yesterday when it has gone. However, we can remember it. That itself is enough.

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