Blue Champagne

This poem was originally published on 24 July 2016.

Wherefore do you go, oh sailor?
At which shores do you wish to dock?
Are you a merchant or an explorer?
Do you intend to follow the flock?
Wherefore do you go, oh sailor?
Do you need this to tide yourself over?
Have you the crew for your travels?
And how will you stay sober?
Oh friend, I thank you for your worry,
And to answer, I shall do my best,
For you have put forth the very queries,
Which my heart and mind can’t address.
Dear friend, I used to hold true,
That the tide would come and nudge me.
But one morning I found,
My head in the water –
A rude awakening.
Dear friend, my time here is over,
I have taken and left many things.
And the horizon,
Is spreading its arms –
A warm welcoming.
I do not know my destinations,
Though I know many’ve charted the sea.
So I know where to look,
And where to anchor.
Expect word from me.
I am a trader and a traveller,
And I carry a pocketful of hearts.
There is nothing richer,
Than knowledge and friendship –
I deal in this art.
I intend to slice the sea my way,
Pour my own share of this blue champagne.
But should I require,
The flock’s fellowship,
I’ll give myself that leeway.
Dear friend, you’ve been a lighthouse.
My stay here is all I did need,
To tide me over,
And all my learnings,
From my previous journey.
I do not expect plain sailing,
For the sea has terrible jokes.
It surges with laughter,
At every poor rafter,
Until the fella chokes.
I eagerly long for the wetlands,
As my hands and feet feel too dry.
The cold murky water –
A good cook that slaughters –
Will serve me humble pie.
I thirst for the sparkling water,
Which many don’t have the tongue for.
It will shiver my timbers,
And though I may quiver,
I’ll beg for an encore.
Oh friend, I am sorry for my rambling,
And yes, I am set for the sea,
But what is life if you cannot get drunk,
On its wonderful beauty?

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