Body Talk

This poem was originally published on 24 June 2016.

I cut my lip on a quip,
And bled my true colours,
For my teeth had braces,
And my tongue had laces,
So they tripped over one another.

I stung my eye with a cry,
And wiped my heart on my sleeve,
For my pupil was captured,
And my lens was fractured,
So they scuffled as a result of their peeve.

I dammed my nose with a blow,
And let my guard down,
For my cilia were shaken,
And my nerves were brazen,
So the cold wind swung me out.

I mute my ear with a cheer,
And was deafened with alarm,
For my drum was hammered,
And my canals were shattered,
So they flooded away from any harm.

I tensed when it commenced,
Grasping to hold my own,
For the body’s a back-stabber,
Yet honest - straight like a ladder,
So it moves with a mind of its own.

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