I Wish I Had Flowers

This poem was originally published on 28 January 2016.

I wish I had brought flowers,
When I went to the badgers’ home.
It was an earthy one;
I could’ve taken anthurium.
Oh, how I wish I had known.

I wish I was carrying flowers,
When I ran into the hare.
He was in a race and could not stop,
Maybe if I had heather,
He’d still be there.

I wish that I had flowers,
When I met the honeybee.
Maybe then it would not have stung.
Next time, lilies,
Pretty please.

I wish I had flowers,
When I made merry with the otters.
Possibly that eve could’ve been more vivid;
I’d have chosen buttercup,
And no other.

I wish there were flowers,
When the two birds took the sky.
The forest would have caught its breath.
I suppose honeysuckle,
Would have been nice.

I wish I had seen flowers,
When I looked into the lake,
And saw the reflections of all the creatures.
A single wild flower,
Just for my sake.

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