Wings of Pride

This poem was originally published on 3 November 2012. It appears in my debut anthology Wildflower Sea available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Books.

Over the meadows and fields I flew
Over forests and hills alike
Gliding over the seas and islands
And waving to them Goodbye!

Over villages and cities I flew
Over people and their lives - I
I - floated gaily in the skies
With my wings of pride

No thoughts of anything else
But of what I have achieved
And of my pinnacle
Where I have currently reached

And should some think that I will fall
That my hubris shall cause me to stumble
I tell all that as long as I live
My mountain shall not crumble

And I float above the world so high
I gaze down not longingly
For I float gaily in the skies
With my wings of pride

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