#95 In the Narrows

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


In your bastardised reflections

You seek sordid redemption

The weakened adulations

Get recompensed one these elections

Some sort of nihilist plot

Has you raging in the narrows

And if you spent your holidays in the moors

You’re chasing shadows


Don’t forget there are the ways of seven tenths

And if you think the race is won

Because you run the end

Then you just might be right

The blight you seek to remove

Has the corrupt in the culture

Trying to plan their next move

Now I can’t be held accountable

For critiques I make off hand

But if my mind is set and has been

Then the bygones never end

Perhaps the iteration that you send out

Next will be good for all

And have your software far more durable

Than the stationer Sunday stalls

No farted brain mentalities could cheapen

These just thrills

Don’t be kind to beggar weddings when the Eiffel has respilled 

I know the corbor due is happening once again

The fate of some subjected could take a belt unto the spend


So if there is a record that you so

Wish to spin the fortunate are blinded

By an egotistic will

And if that’s redundant wordplay may take a note and stand

If you cash in on the favours

If this works then it won’t end

Why fix a system broken

When you’d rather just ride along

Your colours run riot when you burst into your songs

You’re so sharp about what you’re hiding

So great about secret hides

But you dare not have the fire power

To be truthful to your sighs

And I know each breath it takes a toll

The chugging train your blood

The flooded water gates have coarser

And no shud could be fussed

I might at once be given to this nature

System trinkets

And not forget the overarching desperate sade is sophistic

Have been by the eyewaves


You’d shadows settle corpse the first of many moons

Has never let you recourse

So structure what you’ve got you made this bubble all yourself

So if they come to pop it up

It’s due to ignorance is hell


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