#92 Crystal Print

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


Monotony is best served cold

The better you are the less you fret

About the centrefold

So far the magazines like to get the click

Sorry clique

The quotable speechwriter poet schtick




What’s a fella got to do to graduate from buttered bread

Raise your glasses drunken style

Project prophetic instead

If you recite the matador with all his bone and charm

Blood and gore and forty score

Of begging for reach and alms


Fairy dust toilet paper poetry is grand

Not the type you’ll keep in mind

But for a second it’ll give you a high

Share it on the socials show your literary stand


The nightly list probably had the idea to boot

Got the craving for the space that makes the shops

Settle suits past the counter in the back

Immortal status – d’you even have a permit for that?


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