#88 Mud & Lilies

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


She likes the way the lily pads sit there lackadaisically

The way the birds frantically flap through the trees

Some business deal gone wrong. must be some shit sales call

Or do you think they hate the nest and that day’s popular song?


She likes the old lego chess computer game and how they’d die in puffs

Wishes everybody in life would just spontaneously erupt

Not in blood and guts and gore but confetti and fruitella

Thinks that guys are more likely to relate to cinderella


She thinks the colours in chemistry vials are so damn stunning

It’s a pity all the lab coats are white washed and dumbing

A splurge of purple, a bubble or a burst

That’s enough to make you giddy when your environment hurts


She likes rugby over soccer ‘cause it’s a real man’s sport

Get muddied up and lose teeth what’re you even fighting for!

She likes gameboys and shootem ups and finds humour in brains

She finds patterns in the work jungles, the courts of insane


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