#85 Kirk Lazarus

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


Well flipping

the aardvarks have gone skinny dipping

i chomped the skip on all the ads

and now the days are off to listen

forty partions on the animus they couldn’t be relieved

called back by the stationed platypus for set reprieve

cash the arduous i knew the temerparemtnal initiative

maybe there’s a whack laugh ass imperative

some corps of the 99th never sat first in class

so now they think the government is up to new back flash

covet the patient immaturity you so despise

somebody never kept their greed in wallets to despise


i forgive these rhymes imperative

so desperate you are too shine

you’ll let the flow

over power this design

shut the fuck up fella you’re getting all your tunes

you can hum and you can rhyme

but can you actually hold it


Ha ha there you go you’re breaking off from it

isn’t it beautiful the syntax is never absurd only the mind is when you have to stick

to something you’ll probably never comprehend

and i know there are certain words and sounds you cannot begin

to comprehends it’s all a jumble

my what place does it have

what is its purpose

does it serve anything in this formidable existence of ours

is it avant grade?

IS THIS art?

Somebody call the critics in and serve them dinner

i cannot believe you gone from incomprehensible phrasing

too theoretic dialogue

jumble up the troops and play hello

there are no welcome mats for the sedated

some form of systemic initiateon will always be occultist in nature


Nobody has hopes for you this sad sadistic matter of grammar

where is the full stop can somebody write in the washington post

The Full Stop is Dead Long Live Spacing

Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to see in some form of literary journal

Have you seen the utterances of the truingular images in Dickens?

No who gives a hoot? The morality and the characters and the emotions are far




You fuck

Is this the way to treat history? Probably not but you can stuff a chute up the root for all I care

Now what is this you say you struggle with the intimate dialogue that beseeches you to

Lay forth on the paper and BREATHE no no no i apologise I have a flair for the


Ha there I go again but seriously yes there is a remarkable attention to detail that makes world building

In stories so arresting in nature but at the same time there is a PNR or a

Pretentious No Return and once you cross it you have gone, in the immortal words of

That there character from Tropic Thunder “full retard” and you should never do that

Your soul might break

And patching it together no easy feat, ask Humpty over there


Hella Humpty! How’s folks


Yes I know. Mean. But you cannot lie it was as funny as bee’s bottom

Which is to say not at all

A bee’s bottom will kill you

And so can any strict attention to sense and sensibility

So strike up a pose and hum a tune

Because who gives a shit

It flows doesn’t it?


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