#80 So sold

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


So sold we are

With every flake

Bizarre sounding boards

These states we live in are reckless


Stand there and chase divinity

It’s an awful habit it is

To expect good things because you do good

And not because you wish to do good


Morality is far more fragile

Than we realise

Far more stagnant are the ways

That bite your shoulders

Force you to scratch your back

And see if it flakes


If it does it feels good it’s easy to admit

But if it meanders and persists

You turn to stretch in the hopes it’ll bugger off

Numbers seem bigger the more time they’re given to increase


Slowness might be a virtue

So may be quickness and endurance

Strength isn’t how quick you are to grasp the rungs

Nor is it how long you can hold on

Or even how you get back up

It’s just taking a moment to weigh it all up


So sold you are

On metaphors and perspectives

It’s a pity you’re not greedy for more


2 thoughts on “#80 So sold

  1. Jatinder Sibal says:

    All good. Quite obscure but modern and precise and confusing. Write something simpler and conventional which does not give the reader any complex that he does no know enough.

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