#64 Famous in Bosnia

As Is What Was is a collection of poems created with no thought at all. None. There is no control over grammar, sound, rhythm, idea, or anything really. Why? I thought it would be fun. Is it insane? Absolutely.


I carry a demon in my rucksack

He likes to mess with the travel agents

And the flight attendants

Always whispering dark jokes like there’s no tomorrow morning

Then he yawns and curls up under the books and the chargers

I haven’t given him a name yet

But I’d probably call him Sharpie

Not ‘cause he has horns


He doesn’t


But he always seems to be holding a faber castle sketch pen

Or permanent marker

Every time I unzip the pockets

He gets under my fingernails and wreaks havoc

I found a tiny heart and a doggone crossed through

Under my pinky the other evening

Sense of humour unrelenting

He chews on paper a lot

Rolls up against the prints and presses in them a lot

He ain’t an ugly creature but it’s true he doesn’t get as much sunlight

As he should

He whistles the saxophone sometimes

And when they tell you to
“please turn off all your devices”

He peaks out at me

And laughs

But I thought I was left up to my own devices

He also thinks nightmares are a real manifested creature

And although I don’t want to disappoint his strong belief

I can’t help but admit

It would be cooler than a stallion or whatever any of those other clippers are called


Sharpie has a blog on the best types of backpacks to sleep in

I wouldn’t call him much of a historian

But he is famous in Bosnia for some reason

Don’t ask me

My backpack, myself, and him have never been to the country


He likes Hawaiin shirts and Air Max 90s

And chewing on tiny sugarcane sticks and spitting on roads

If he hadn’t fallen into my backpack

He says he’d probably have made it as a folk musician

Bob Dylan would be envious of

But he’s too comfy to bother

And he’s not sure if they give Man Bookers to tiny furry demons

We decided it’d be better if he just vicariously lived

So he’s my editor now

His contract stipulates a dedicated Acknowledgements page

So that’s that


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