5. Terpsichore

I ain’t much of a dancer

But she taught me

The way I move is okay

Is okay

Is okay

I’m okay, jeez


I ain’t much of a singer

She said my voice was shit

But my cover of Gravity

Made her laugh so that’s a hit


I ain’t much of a lover

But I want to thank you

For saying I look good

When I’m pretty damn nude


I ain’t much of a man

And I don’t know what that means

Though I’ve learned I can cry

And hide under the sheets


I ain’t much of a son

Always trying to get away

But I appreciate my roots

For being fine with giving way


I ain’t much of a brother

I was far too weak

But I hope my baby sister

Finds the balance in her feet


I won’t make much of a father

I was born on the road

I don’t want my daughters

Thinking gravel builds a home


I ain’t much of a trailblazer

I fear my next step

So I stop and smell the flowers

Just to catch my breath


I ain’t much of a patriot

I’ve stood to many flags

But I’m enough of a human

To have my heart at half-mast


I only met you once

But I wouldn’t mind to see

If we could stumble together

We’d be okay

We’d be okay?

We’d be okay?


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