I was inspired to write this as a result of the DPChallenge from July 22.


200g of Imagination

150g of Surprise

125g of Creativity

100g of Determination

100g of Care

100g of Annoying

90g of Friendliness

90g of Willingness to Achieve Perfection

80g of Philosophical Pondering

75g of Affection

50g of Generosity

50g of Happiness

50g of Humour

40g of Nyctophilia

40g of Over-confidence

30g of Sarcasm

10g of Forgetfulness

2 tablespoons of Quick temper

And a Pinch of The Secret Ingredient (You really thought I’d make it that easy?)


1 pair of rectangular glasses

1 pair of braces for teeth, preferably non-coloured


You need two big containers. It should be six feet long and a foot and a half wide. In one of the containers, mix all the ingredients EXCEPT for The Secret Ingredient, Imagination, Creativity and Care. Pour half of this mixture into the second container. Spread it out smoothly. Then mix the leftover three ingredients separately and spread it out evenly over the first layer. Now spread the remaining of the first mixture over the first two layers. Make sure there is no leakage and that the layers are even and of equal proportions. Leave your mixture for nine months.

After nine months are over, you will find an aroma emerging from the mixture. Now simply take a large Hand Mixer and have fun with it. After 30 minutes are over, stop mixing. It is important to stop mixing as soon as the time is up. Timing is crucial. Even the nine months must be exact.

Wait for five minutes and you shall see a brilliant display of colours, designs, shapes and figures dance across and through your mixture. Don’t worry. These are the ingredients. Et voila! You have made me.


Imperfection is perfection.

Also, The Secret Ingredient can only be found with the original chef.

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  1. choppedsardine says:

    Two questions. Why’re the containers 6 feet long (which you are not) if you have to wait for nine months (which I’m guessing is to be born)? And if this is about you being born then your mums the original chief. Which also means that she used that ‘special ingredient’ for your sister. Which just means. 😐

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