An Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson,
 I’m nobody actually except I am a great fan of you and Manchester United. I won’t say I am a big fan because I don’t know what one means when they say ‘I’m a big fan.’ So I’ll leave it at that.
I’m writing to you to thank you. When you went out on to the field, I could see the passion you had for the game, I’m sure every United fan did, every football fan did. It was an amazing experience to see you manage the team. It was like you took the team as your own children, raising them, nurturing them, to make them the team they are.
Seriously you can’t retire. Wait till I’ve seen a live match of Manchester United under your managership and then you can retire.
I can’t imagine a Manchester United without you at the helm of affairs. You’ve been managing the team since before I was born..since before 50% of BPL players were born. I think I might hate Manchester United without you there (Don’t worry, I won’t).

You’re flawed, I’ll grant you that. But every genius is flawed. And you are the greatest manager in the history of football, despite whatever FIFA or any person in the world says. No manager will ever be able to achieve as much as you have. Jose Mourinho may be a great manager but he will never come close to what you have achieved with Manchester United and Aberdeen.

It’s been a sad few days since you announced your retirement. You will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts and in our minds you will live on. If I had my way I would keep you as a Manager or I would have the next year kits be named ‘The Sir Alex Ferguson Kit’ and this would be written on the kit.

I don’t know what Manchester United would have been without you. But I’ll say this: 26 Years at Manchester United but forever in our hearts. You came, You saw, You conquered football.
Sir. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, for everything. In the future, when people will ask me – Who is Sir Alex Ferguson? I will smile at them and say:
‘Son. He’s God son…he’s God.’

Thank you once again Sir. You’ve been an inspiration for me.
The Poet in Pyjamas

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. Jatinder Sibal says:

    I am ignorant about football.but I cannot imagine a manager to be called great.A player yes he could be great.But how a manger can be called great – tell me if u can explain. thanks jksibal

    1. The Poet in Pyjamas says:

      A manager is one who creates a goal. A leader is one who leads a team towards a goal. A manager can also be a leader. Sir Alex was that. He shaped and developed some of the greatest players in football, from Ronaldo to Beckham to Scholes and many more. He led Manchester United to greatness, motivating and nurturing them into the team they are today. Hence, he can be called great.

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