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Small Talk

This poem was originally published on 29 July 2016.

Hey Violet,
Could you fire up the stars?
For a while you have been mooning,
And I find it quite bizarre.

Hey Dawn,
I hear you’re growing older.
Tell me what dreams you saw,
When you peeked over those shoulders.

Hey Jean,
Tell me, what clothes do you sow?
Do you still stitch that trademark heart,
On your elbow?

Hey Sally,
Are you still bursting out?
You know those people are not your enemies,
They’re just folks trying to help out.

Hey River,
They say you frequent this watering hole.
We were worried when you disappeared,
After you spilled an ocean in a note.

Hey Hope,
I know you’re looking to start afresh.
Though, fixing your problems with cheap sellotape,
Will only bite you in the flesh.

Hey Grace,
Are you still trying to do good?
Give my regards to Joy,
And stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood.
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