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#Update 10

What’s that? My blog is turning 4?

This calls for some blue champagne

Scroll down to Paragraph 3 to learn what’s new!

Dear Wildflowers,

Over the past week, you will have noticed an increase in posts. This not a result of any wild rush of inspiration. After a long tussle of thought, I have been making the effort to write daily. This does not mean that I write anything and post it. I am pushing myself creatively. And though I am never completely satisfied with each work (An impossibility), I can at least look at the final piece and say, “Okay.”

I have noticed an interesting fact. My earlier work used to take me a matter of minutes to write and upload. I now find myself spending hours at the keyboard, making faces, looking at the dictionary, sipping water, visiting the fridge, and ultimately pressing ‘Command-S’ when the grey dawn pushes itself through my bedroom window.

As for what’s new, I am quite excited about this! (Quick hullo to those wildflowers that scrolled down for the important stuff)

At the time when I first began to save my writings – way back in Grade 6 – I was writing songs. And now, 7 years later, I have a collection of 80+ songs I have never recorded or shared publicly.

For the first time ever, on Wednesday 27 July (That’s tomorrow), I will share with the world one of those songs. 


I will also be setting up a page, inviting collaboration! Whether it’s music, film, or copywriting, if you like my work and you wish to collaborate with me / hire me, you will be able to find my contact details on that page.

And one more thing…

A ‘Songs’ tab will be replacing the ‘Tapestries’ tab. Sometime during the next few months, I will begin writing opinion pieces in a new space, on a new platform.

If you want to, you can follow me already at

Owl in a Coffee Cup will remain a creative blog that strives to inspire and provide people with a haven of writing.

And above all, it’s here to make happy. 



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