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Thank You / A Reply to My Past Self


It’s been a while since I last wrote. I’ve got some catching up to do. Anyway, this is a letter of thank you as well as a reply to a letter from my past self: A Letter to My Future.


First off, I want to thank everyone in my life. I haven’t walked far in life but I have walked enough to say that I have made a place for myself in this wild world. In all honesty, I can say that I have paved my own path that is still in the works. On this path, I have faced hatred, love and indifference. I know I will continue to do so.

To those who made it rough: Thank You. You pushed me to my wits’ end and said I wouldn’t make it. I am both the architect and the builder of my life (Two roles, I feel, one has to be. These two roles can’t survive without the other) and I have been constructing a mountain.

Platform One is ready.

Those who made it rough: Your mocking my carrying around a notepad and the random quips on life and me writing as well as me always writing, has just made me stronger. No, I do not consider myself a True Writer yet and I do not know when I will be but I am an author now and that’s an achievement in itself. Thank you for making the path rough. Thank you for the obstacles, the thorns and the raging rapids. You wasted your time trying to stall me but you did teach me how to build bridges, put out fires and manage the wilderness. You’ve helped me become a survivor and a fighter. So…’re going to have to rethink your plans if you want to become evil geniuses.


To those who loved me: Thank you for your support. You helped balance out the hatred and you motivated me. You believed in me and pushed me to keep doing what I do. You gave me hope and courage. You gave me passion and power. But most importantly, you gave me love.

Thank You for not holding my hand and guiding me. You applauded me for my mistakes. You applauded me for my successes. You knew that I would learn from everything I did and that I would grow.


To those of you who were indifferent: Thank You. You taught me that not everyone can be impressed and that a lack of love does not mean hatred. You pushed me to understand better the people around me, the places I visited and the moments I witnessed. You pushed me to focus on the intricacies of life and engage in them – to appreciate them. Thank You.


To my Past Self.

I stumbled across the letter just before writing this. I had completely forgotten about it. I still want to be a PokéMaster. Like you said, who doesn’t? One thing is for sure, at this point, you don’t want to become a Journalist but you are confused between Psychology and Communications. You do hope to study both.

On a happier note, you are an author! Two years worth of writing has come together to produce Wildflower Sea, your first anthology of poetry, short stories and tapestries. It is stunning. The launch was overwhelming, the response was overwhelming. You still can’t believe it but it feels nice. You don’t like the spotlight though, however interesting it is. Oh! You want dance lessons. In fact, you need them if you want to survive.

This is an early response to your letter so you’re not married yet. You’re 17. You’re single (I’m hinting to readers..just kidding..or am I..). You’re happy with where you are in life. Of course, there are struggles as always. Life is a bed of roses, remember? The Poet in Pyjamas is still alive and kicking, that to with a YouTube channel that is developing slowly. You don’t want to go with the starting of an Environmental Protection Organisation but you have some plans in mind. All proceeds of the book are going to help education in rural communities. It’s a step but now’s not the time for giving back to the world. Selfishness is tough but it will get you to the place where you want to be when you feel you can give back to the best of your abilities.

You still understand the concept you created but it’s slowly evolving and that to very interestingly. A Paper is in the works.

In conclusion to this reply, I still remember the points: 1) Be Yourself; and 2) What the Great-Gramps said: “Whatever you do in life, be the best of all.”

Take Care (Time Jokes).


And Dear Future Me,

At this point in time, I am an author and an aspiring writer but not yet a True Writer. It will take time I suppose. I can only guess. There are things to be done and so this letter will be continued in another, longer letter. But for now, be happy, be true and be you.


Thank You.


The Poet in Pyjamas

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